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O rozwoju osobowości: wywiad z Willy Wijnands

Development of personality is the number one point to work on and with.

In my opinion, development of personality is the number one point to work on and with. The effect is that students are more engaged, more productive and their results are better. They discover who they are and what their abilities are. It is a wonderful experience to see them developing themselves!

Encourage personal development with education

When students own their own learning process, they become intrinsically motivated, they experience more fun learning and personal growth, says Willy Wijnands, founder of eduScrum. „Students get the best together and themselves up.”

How can students become owners of their own learning process?

„By working in small teams in small teams, they discover in their own way what they are good at and what they can learn. When a project is completed, students will not only receive a grade, but will also reflect on their qualities and on what they have learned from themselves, from others and what others have learned from them. In addition, they describe what they can do better next time. By becoming aware of their own ability and learning, appoint what they want and do not want, they become the boss of themselves and their learning process.”

What role does co-operation play with this?

„Collaboration leads to personal development, based on four building blocks: trust, communication, involvement and responsibility. Cooperation requires mutual trust between students. In addition, communication is very important so that they learn to be themselves and dare to say what they find. These two building blocks provide engagement within the team, which in turn leads to responsibility. The four building blocks refer not only to the team as a whole, but also to individual students.”

How do you contribute to this?

„We have developed eduScrum to stimulate the personal development of students. This is an active collaborative form in which students in teams make assignments according to a fixed rhythm. They themselves determine their activities and keep their own progress. The teacher determines the assignments and provides support to a class, team or individual student, where necessary. Through this method, students themselves think about how they want to learn. I even take students to training, teaching teachers how to handle the method. It is important to emphasize that eduScrum is only a means. It is just right if other methods are used to apply variety to education.”
Willy Wijnands, Founder of eduScrum More info:


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